The two worst words a writer can think are, “If only.”

  • “If only I had the time to write that book.”
  • “If only I could find a good editor.”
  • “If only I knew how to write a book proposal or how to self-publish.”
  • “If only I could be more consistent with my blogging.”
  • “If only I could just find someone to help me get this writing project done.”

I know who you are because I’ve been who you are:

  • You’re a busy professional with more ideas than time.
  • You’ve desired to write a book for longer than you can remember.
  • You’re certain that what you’d share could change the world—or at least a few people living on it.
  • You know what hard work means because you’re exhausted at the end of your day.

But a still small voice calls to you right before your head hits the pillow: “If only . . . .”

Stop wondering, stop procrastinating, and let’s start the process to finish your book.

Then you can start thinking about your next book with two of the best words a writer can ask: “If only . . . .”

“Blake Atwood is a gifted editor. . . . more than pleased with the final result!”
— Monica Whatley

How May I Help You?

Through BA Writing Solutions LLC, I offer these writing services for nonfiction books:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Co-writing
  • Copyediting
  • Developmental editing
  • Manuscript critiques
  • Proposal writing or help for seeking traditional publishing
  • Formatting for print and digital books
  • Self-publishing assistance
  • Writing coaching

Note: The only writing service I offer for fiction is copyediting. I don’t accept romance or horror.

If you’re unsure as to what type of editing you need, read “Copyediting Essentials,” my guest post on the excellent Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast blog. If you’re still unsure, schedule a call.

I’ve been a ghostwriter on four nonfiction books, a co-writer on two, and have authored two of my own. See Amazon for evidence, or read what previous clients have saidI’m also a blog ghostwriter and edit blog posts on behalf of a few clients, but my main focus is as a ghostwriter and editor to craft books and book proposals for my clients.

Additionally, I can provide proper insight on the pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. I’m a fan of both, but the client’s ultimate desire for his or her book will dictate the proper route.

If you’re a busy professional in need of writing or editing help, tell me about your project.

“Blake provided great insights . . . . He met and exceeded my expectations.”
— Philip Hahn

Ghostwriter Success Story: “I found my voice.”

One client of mine had written half of his book before contacting me. After sending it to an agent, he received a terse rejection: “It’s too academic for the kind of audience you want.”

After reading his work-in-progress, I had to agree. The problem was that the author wanted to reach a broad audience. His content wasn’t high-level; rather, it was imminently practical and would be of great use to its intended audience. (I apologize for the vagaries, but such is the life of a ghostwriter).

The client even told me he was still searching for his writing voice. I could hear the near submission to defeat in his voice.

As we began to rework the book, he mentioned that he’d had a few speaking engagements filmed. He wanted me to watch them and use that content in the book. I obliged and discovered something amazing: his voice.

My client was affable, knowledgable, and funny. Sure, it was a dry wit, but his asides consistently made his audiences laugh.

I started on the project, infusing his immense insight with his spoken-word humor.

This isn’t even the real success of this story.

To me, the real success happened after I’d rewritten a majority of the 70,000-word book. At that point, the author began writing the few remaining chapters in his own voice. No longer was he writing in the academese he was so used to reading all the time. He was writing as if he were speaking, and it was a marvelous transformation to witness.

At that point, I transformed from his ghostwriter to his editor, and I was glad to do so.

Sometimes a client knows their voice. Sometimes they don’t. Either way, my goal is to help you enhance your unique voice with every writing or editing project upon which we may collaborate.

Even if it’s just a germ of a project right now, tell me about it.

“Blake helped walk me through the process from start to finish.” 
— Michael Jones

Editor Success Story: The Coincidental Page View Increase

As a ghost-blogger and blog editor, I help some clients craft content for their blogs and the other websites for which they write.

One business blogger found me via Google and inquired about weekly editing work. His posts on a well-known business website generally garnered a few thousand views each.

But the second article we collaborated on became the most popular post on that site for almost a week after it went live, quickly exceeding 100,000 page views. As of the writing of these words, the article has merited just above 300,000 page views.

Now, I’m not so naive to believe that my overall editing or a small suggestion to tweak his headline ultimately fetched him such an immense increase in page views.

But I can’t believe it was just coincidence either.

If you’re a blogger or freelance writer in need of an editor, let’s talk.

“Professional, timely, easy to work with, and has an uncanny ability
to get in your head and write with your voice.”

— Kurt W. Bubna