The Everyday Authorpreneur Interview: Revealing a Year’s Worth of Sales Numbers to Help First-Time Self-Publishing Authors

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Derek Siddoway, an online connection and young self-published author, recently contacted me to be the first Author Origins interview for his new blog, I appreciated the invite, but I love the concept for the blog. I believe it will share the kind of … [Read more...]

The Breaking Bad 2.0 Tour: Treading Lightly in Albuquerque

Walter and Skyler White's home. Right after I took this picture, I was going to pose with my book in front of the house (albeit down the street). Then the garage door opened and one of the owners sat in a chair within the garage. I waved. She waved back, but it was definitely a wave that said "tread lightly." I left quickly.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Albuquerque and you're a fan of Breaking Bad, be sure to grab a seat on one of the ABQ Trolley Company's Breaking Bad-themed tours. Currently, they offer the Bad Tour, a three-hour tour hitting the most well-known spots from the show, and … [Read more...]

Highly Recommended Read: Earth & Sky by Guy Delcambre

earth and sky guy delcambre

When someone approaches me who’s suffering deep pain—the kind that causes them to question the goodness of God—I’ll refer them to five books that speak boldly about theodicy, or why a good God allows evil and suffering to exist: The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis A Grief … [Read more...]

Announcing the GoodReads Giveaway of 10 Signed Copies of The Gospel According to Breaking Bad

The Gospel According to Breaking Bad by Blake Atwood

In honor of Breaking Bad's Complete Series DVD set re-release today, I'm offering 10 signed copies of my book, The Gospel According to Breaking Bad, through a GoodReads giveaway. The contest begins today, June 3, and runs for a month. At that point, GoodReads picks the winners … [Read more...]