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Too busy to write?

Blake Atwood PortraitHave you ever thought, “If only I had the time to _____”?

I’m that time.

Whether that’s ghostwriting a book, crafting a book proposal, or generating online content, I’ll help you immortalize your ideas.

Current and recent clients include counselors, pastors, and nonprofit leaders, as well as a documentary filmmaker, a staffing company, a tech startup, and a loan officer.

In other words, I help busy professionals with great ideas turn those thoughts into books or useful content marketing.

Let’s talk about how you can make your work keep working for you, even long after you’re done working.

“Blake is a fantastic writer, thinker, and storyteller.”
Ghostwriting Client
“An uncanny ability to get in your head and write with your voice.”
Kurt Bubna
“The only words I won’t allow Blake to edit are the ones I’ve used recommending him.”
Alison Frenzel
“He made my manuscript much better and I highly recommend his services.”
Mark Riggins




North Texas Giving Day: Why I Support Art House Dallas

I moved to Dallas in 2010 and lucked into a dream job less than a year later. During my first few months as an editor with (may the site rest in peace), we were tasked with forming relationships with Christian organizations across the nation. That's how I first learned about one particular group that was in my proverbial backyard. Although FaithVillage and Art House Dallas never connected, I connected [...]

How to Become a Ghostwriter

Earlier this week, TheWriteLife published a recent guest post of mine, "A Lucrative Niche for Writers: How to Become a Ghostwriter." It outlines what I think are the three most important skills you need in order to pursue ghostwriting, and none of them are what I would have thought you needed before [...]