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The Breaking Bad 2.0 Tour: Treading Lightly in Albuquerque

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If you ever get the opportunity to visit Albuquerque and you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, be sure to grab a seat on one of the ABQ Trolley Company’s Breaking Bad-themed tours.

Currently, they offer the Bad Tour, a three-hour tour hitting the most well-known spots from the show, and the Bad 2.0 Tour, a two-hour jaunt through some of the lesser-known but still just as awesome filming locales.

If you ever do plan to take that tour, don’t proceed any further, as I’m about to show you the photos I took while on the Bad 2.0 Tour.

Or, in words you may be more familiar with, tread lightly through this post.

Click the first image to start a slideshow. Be sure to read the captions for details and trivia on what you’re looking at!

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