Blake Atwood is listed on K. M. Weiland’s “Need a Good Book Editor? Top Recommendations” and Mary DeMuth’s “Great Editors: A List.”
Janna Wright

I was hoping for someone knowledgeable and professional who would take my book baby from good to great. I found all of those things in Blake . . . and so much more. Yes, he rearranged commas and tightened sentences, but more than that he brought a care and attention to the process that I’d not dared to hope for. If I posed questions, Blake offered a creative solution. If we agreed on a deadline, Blake finished early. Weak grammar and poor syntax were no match for his pen, and Blake was always careful to honor my voice. Blake cheerfully brought empathy, pep talks, and humor to the table too, which made the process a delight! If editors collected star ratings, I’d give Blake five gold ones.”

— Janna Wright, GraceThread.com
Author of Grace Changes Everything

Dr. Jim Denison

Blake Atwood is an indispensable member of our ministry team. He is one of the finest editors I have ever known. He has a passion for excellence and gift for precision. I could not do my work without him.”

— Dr. Jim Denison, Denison Forum

Jae Amare - Amor Sui

I found Blake Atwood by chance and it was the best thing that ever happened to my writing! He was not only an invaluable resource to me, but he assisted me every step of my writing process, which for a brand new author was a dream come true. If you want an honest, professional, and proficient individual assisting you in your project then Blake is that guy.”

— Jae Amare, Author of Amor Sui

Mr. and Mrs. How to Thrive in a Perfectly Imperfect Marriage by Kurt W. Bubna with Blake Atwood

“As a published author, blogger, and pastor, I have worked with several editors. In my experience, Blake Atwood is one of the best. He’s professional, timely, easy to work with, and has an uncanny ability to get in your head and write with your voice. Atwood has my highest recommendation.”

— Kurt W. Bubna, Pastor
Author of Mr. & Mrs.: How to Thrive in a Perfectly Imperfect Marriage and many other fine books

Reset by Michael Jones

”I cannot thank my editor enough for his work and contribution on this book. While I enjoy writing, I wouldn’t call myself an excellent writer and certainly not an experienced one. Blake helped walk me through the process from start to finish. At one point, this book was only ten chapters with twenty pages in each chapter!”

— Michael Jones, Georgetown Mortgage CFO
Author of Reset

Brooke Ignet Hocker

“Hiring Blake as an editor was exactly what my manuscript needed.  We did an initial phone call to understand expectations and how we would work together, and he delivered on those commitments – even exceeding the timeline we originally discussed.  I appreciate all of his input and plan to work with him again on future books.”

— Brooke Ignet Hocker, GalsWithGoals.com

Stand Firm by Lynn Fredrick

“Blake is a joy to work with. As a first-time author he guided me through the process with a gentle and knowledgeable hand. I couldn’t be more pleased with his professionalism and personal commitment to make my book the best it could be.”

— Lynn Fredrick, Stand Firm: From the Darkness of Pornography and Sexual Sin into the Light of God’s Grace

Time on the Cross by Dwight Fletcher

“From my first meeting with Blake, it was clear that he was an excellent listener, and that it was important to him to make sure that whatever he did to enhance the manuscript was aligned with my overall goal for the book. Once we were into the editing process, Blake carefully and tastefully brought new ideas to the table, never attempting to put his stamp on the book but to ensure that it captured my thoughts in the most powerful and meaningful way. Goal accomplished! Blake is a real pro, and I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to transform a manuscript into a book.”

— Dwight Fletcher, CEO of Spearfish, Inc., Author of Time on the Cross: A Father’s Tribute

Be: The Way of Rest by Jim Stern

“I am a good content generator. After that, I am lost. Blake has successfully, seamlessly cleaned up manuscripts I have given him and taken them through to Amazon and Kindle. So much of the publishing process is a foreign language to me. Thankfully, Blake speaks the language fluently. His edits, layouts, and style choices are all spot on. Furthermore, Blake is very accessible and patient. I am very pleased and blessed to work with him and trust him with my projects. ”

— Jim Stern, Trexo Founder and Consultant, Author of Be: The Way of Rest and Fortified

Stuck by Mark Riggins with Blake Atwood

“Blake’s editing, writing, organization, and efficiency are outstanding. He made my manuscript much better and I highly recommend his services.”

— Mark Riggins, Pastor
Author of Stuck: When You Want to Forgive But Don’t Know How

Rachel Denison

“We are so thankful for the efficiency and professionalism of Blake Atwood on the First15 devotional project! He was extremely helpful to us in finishing up a very important project, and we would highly recommend him. His work was done with excellence and timeliness. Blake fulfilled all he promised.”

— Rachel Denison, Denison Forum

Pretty by Tammy Strait

“Although Blake came into my project at its tail end, he completed it as if he had been a part of the writing process from the beginning. In taking my book from ebook to print, Blake was able to determine and capture my style in both edits and design with precision and efficiency. Blake exceeded every one of my expectations, and I couldn’t recommend him more.”

Tammy Strait, Author, Pretty: Breaking Free From The Illusions of a Superficial Life

“Blake Atwood is a gifted editor. Regardless of how many had already reviewed my initial MS, he was able to make little, key adjustments to improve flow and clarity. His communication was quick and thorough, and he helped me understand how I can improve my writing. Blake delivered faster than he promised, and I am more than pleased with the final result!”

— Monica Whatley

“Blake Atwood provided great insights into how my language flowed and how the reader processes the information as it is read. His guidance in formatting was helpful, his professional opinions were educated and well-founded, and his work was promptly delivered on time or early. He met and exceeded my expectations and I am pleased with the final result.”

— Philip Hahn

“I was very impressed with the quality of work from Blake Atwood. He transformed my thesis into a professional manuscript and responded promptly to my calls and emails. He was very helpful in presenting suggestions and ideas for this project. He’s also an excellent writer and editor. I highly recommend his services.”

— Chris Nogueira, President, STRIDE International



Don't Fear the Reaper: Why Every Author Needs an Editor by Blake Atwood

“This is a great, power-packed and quick-read resource from copyeditor and writer Blake Atwood. It’s the book I’d like to have written if I wasn’t so busy coaching and editing books. Wonderful, engaging and clearly superior advice for the aspiring writer.”


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Mick Silva, Editor

“Why Every Author Needs an Editor is not about some newer-better-faster-cheaper five-point system. Instead, it is filled with universal truths of the writer’s (or artist’s) experience, expressed in a personal and authentic way. Blake’s warm and engaging voice might be just what you need to make these important principles hit home for the first time. For a new author who is struggling with that volatile mix of insecurity and hubris that artistic endeavor requires, Blake’s compassionate encouragement will help you get over the finish line to make your work ready for the public.”

Ellen Seltz, Author

“This book is fantastic. I’m an editor myself, but Blake has created an awesome resource. This is a must-have for any writer, editor or anyone who wants to communicate better.”

Jim Woods, Author and Editor


The Gospel According to Breaking Bad by Blake Atwood

“As a fan of Breaking Bad, and as a student of religion and popular culture, it’s now clear to me that I haven’t been paying close enough attention to the series’ moral and spiritual dimensions. Thanks to The Gospel According to Breaking Bad, I won’t make that mistake again.”

— Mark I. Pinsky,  The Gospel According to The Simpsons

“One of the better Gospel According To‘s I’ve read and I think I’ve read most of them.”

— Cathleen Falsani Possley, The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers

“Blake Atwood is one of the most thoughtful Christians you’ll meet. In The Gospel According to Breaking Bad, Blake applies his mind to yet another endeavor by taking a unique look at the spiritual elements of this popular television show. You’ve likely never read anything quite like it.”

— Jonathan Merritt

The Gospel According to Breaking Bad is provocative, compelling, smart and a whole lot of fun. I absolutely love this sort of serious and respectful engagement with popular culture.”

— J.R. Forasteros, Pastor, Blogger, Storymen Podcast Host

“Examining Vince Gilligan’s post-modern tale of pilgrim’s regress through a gospel lens enables Atwood to offer up a redemptive future for all of us who live east of Eden. This is a must-read guide for all Breaking Bad fans who want to savor the final season as it unfolds.

— Brad Russell

“Atwood brings a fan’s passion, a critic’s analysis and a Christian’s perspective to bear on the most provocative television program in recent memory. If you find the show intriguing, perplexing or just plain compelling, you’ll want to read this book.”

— Marv Knox, Publisher of The Baptist Standard