Derek Siddoway, an online connection and young self-published author, recently contacted me to be the first Author Origins interview for his new blog, I appreciated the invite, but I love the concept for the blog. I believe it will share the kind of information and encouragement I wish I would have had almost two years ago when I began to seriously consider self-publishing.

In our interview, I chose to do something I think a bit daring by sharing my total sales numbers and revenue from the first year of my self-published book having been on sale.

Essentially, I used myself as a case study to better help would-be self-publishers determine whether or not they should quit their day job to pursue writing full-time.

You’ll have to read the Author Origins interview to find out my answer.

Screenshot 2014-09-08 08.13.30Derek also asked great questions about when I decided to become an author, how to balance writing and work, my writing habits, and the single best piece of advice I’d give authors working toward full-time, self-sustaining writing.

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