Through ghostwriting, Blake Atwood helps busy professionals craft compelling books.

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is what every time-constrained professional with a book idea needs most.

Ghostwriting is buying time and talent for the sake of creating books, articles, or blogs with your name as the byline.

Unless otherwise agreed upon between the client and the ghostwriter, the ghostwriter receives no credit for the work created and never mentions his involvement in the project.

Ghostwriting is your ideas realized through the capable help of an experienced writer.

How much does ghostwriting cost?

Because you’re exchanging money for time and talent, ghostwriting is an investment.

But, if done well, ghostwriting doesn’t just lead to a book or an article. It opens professional doors that may have long been closed to you.

Being a published author leads to increased legitimacy in your field, makes you attractive to conferences and public speaking engagements, and gives you something tangible, practical, and powerful to leave with every client.

In fact, one of my clients emailed me:

“The book continues to get really amazing feedback, and it’s been a real boost to my practice and professional impact in general.”

Many factors affect how much time and effort will be needed to complete your book. For a cost estimate, complete the ghostwriting client intake below.

Everything you invest in my ghostwriting service is an up-front fee. Unless otherwise agreed upon—say, if I were to become your credited coauthor—I will receive no royalties after the publishing of your book.

In other words, your profit after publishing is your profit.


What is the process for ghostwriting?

Complete this client intake.

I will respond within two business days with further questions or a request to schedule a virtual meeting to learn more about you, your audience, and your project.

For book-length projects, I typically request that we first contract for and workshop one chapter. This may include the need for virtual meetings, calls, or requesting relevant material you’ve already written.

With that information, we will talk through the topic and goals of that chapter. I will then write that chapter, send it back to you for suggestions, and then rewrite it per your suggestions.

Should we both agree that further work should happen, we will contract for the entire book. A typical contract length for ghostwriting a nonfiction book of 50,000–80,000 words is six months.

However, this length is highly dependent upon your availability and responsiveness.

The process for ghostwriting the entire book is similar to the process for workshopping one chapter. Whether you like to talk or write your ideas, I will work with you to ensure that your content is turned into a book while maintaining your unique voice throughout.


When can we start?

As I’m often scheduled out at least a few months, it’s best to contact me as soon as you may be considering hiring a ghostwriter. Complete this client intake, and be sure to let me know your intended deadline for publication.

Ghostwriting Client Intake