When departing for your honeymoon, the less stress the better.

Although we enjoyed a week’s respite between our wedding and our honeymoon, our nerves were still a bit frazzled from moving our collective stuff to a new place, ensuring that bills got paid, and properly preparing for a week-long trip over Thanksgiving to a variety of places along the coast of Northern California.


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We’ve both traveled enough to know that the best laid plans of mice and mean often go astray, especially when flying during the holidays. My wife insists that we arrive at the airport two hours before boarding in order to ensure we make the flight. If there’s one thing that causes her more consternation than anything else, it’s the looming possibility of missing a flight.

Enter Cranky Concierge.

Due to the largesse of a friend that works for the company, we received a one-trip trial run of their services. Founded by travel blogger Brett Snyder, a.k.a. The Cranky Flier, Cranky Concierge takes care of the often sometimes unpleasant business of dealing with an airline. Think of them as your airline lawyer minus the exorbitant costs, or as a guardian angel for wearied travelers.

Here’s how Cranky Concierge helped us:

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Initially, we purchased a nonstop flight from DFW to SFO, set to arrive around 5 p.m. A few weeks before departure, United canceled that flight and put us on a non-non-stop flight with a short layover in Denver. This wasn’t a deal-breaker, but it was slightly unsettling.

Upon getting our tickets in DFW, our patient gate agent relayed that our plane was delayed by 30 minutes due to a mechanical failure. He thought about rebooking us on a later flight, but this would have left little to no time for a plane change in Denver. We could either chance taking the still delayed flight and try to make the connection, or we could wait until much later in the day to leave on a non-stop flight to SFO. Neither of the options appealed to us, but forced to make a choice, we opted to chance it.

That’s when Nate, my Cranky Concierge, emailed me.

He’d already emailed me shortly before the trip, sending a personable email relating all the information I needed to know about my departure, including a short San Francisco weather forecast. When he found out about the delays, he went to work. We emailed back and forth, then he called to find out what we wanted to do. I could either stand in the long line at our gate, where everyone was scrambling to get rebooked because the delay kept getting longer and longer, or I could allow Nate to contact United on our behalf and have United pay for a similar flight to SFO via American.

Twenty minutes later, Nate responded. After waiting an inordinate amount of time to talk with a United representative, he’d finally gotten through and rebooked us on a non-stop American flight set to arrive in SFO at 5:30pm.


We grabbed our bags from the front gate as quickly as we could, leapt onto the tram to another gate, boarded our new plane and arrived at our honeymoon destination on time.

I’m fairly certain that were it not for Nate and Cranky Concierge, our honeymoon would have started on an angry, impatient, sour note. Instead, due to Nate’s work (he even sent me a link to check Priceline bidding prices), we experienced the most harrowing part of our honeymoon at the very outset, and it was swiftly and kindly taken care of on our behalf.

As a result, we consequently enjoyed the trip of a lifetime.

What’s even better is that we only experienced a small though significant part of what Cranky Concierge offers. For less than the cost of checking two bags, you’ll get friendly, competent flight monitoring, travel discounts, flight planning, delay and cancellation assistance, and post-trip dispute assistance.

I was not paid or otherwise compensated to offer this endorsement. While I based my review on one experience, it was an experience that proved how such a company can be a time-saver and a stress reducer when all you want to do is get away on a relaxing vacation! If you’re a business traveler or suffer from hectic holiday travel stress, try out Cranky Concierge on your next flight.

Thanks Nate!