Most links on this page are affiliate links, which means I’m compensated for promotion.
However, I wouldn’t promote an item unless I’d recommend it even without compensation.
Additionally, I live, move, and breathe in a Mac-only environment.
While many of these programs are cross-platform, a few may not be.


Freelancing / Self-Employment

  • 17Hats to run the business
    (project management, lead generation, invoicing, CRM, etc.)
  • QuickBooks to keep track of the dough
  • MileIQ to keep track of the mileage
  • YouCanBook.Me to schedule meetings
  • Creative Class to learn how to be a freelancer
  • Chimp Essentials to learn how to leverage MailChimp
  • AppSumo for incredible deals on useful programs and resources


Writing and Publishing Apps

  • Scrivener for word processing (Mac / Windows)
  • Vellum for print and ebook formatting (Mac-only)
  • Grammarly for extra spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checking



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