Our Quintessential Austin Adventure

Hamilton Pool

A few weeks prior to the Fourth of July holiday weekend, my wife and I agreed to spend those four days in Austin. We’d had grander plans to venture much farther away,  but time and finances have a particular way of dictating your future. As a one-time, long-time, near-Austin resident, I know the city well […]

Private Wars, Daniel Whittington


Initially four separate EPs, Private Wars is the recent full-length album from Daniel Whittington, an independent musician from Texas. Full disclosure: He’s a friend, but once you finish listening to this Texas-infused roots rock album, you’ll want to be his friend as well. Daniel’s voice has a dash of rasp, evidence that his love song […]

Still Bitter After All These Years, Or How I Learned to Stop Caring About Brevity and Love Writing Verbose Headlines*


Did you participate in U.I.L. contests in Junior High or High School? In Texas, the University Interscholastic League sponsored contests between schools covering a wide range of academic topics. In Junior High, I tied for 6th in a U.I.L. spelling contest. Unfortunately, the powers that be at that particular contest failed to notify me of […]