Chris Morris, CPA for Writers, Freelancers, and Small Businesses, on Why You Should Treat Your Writing Like a Business

I digitally met Chris Morris, a CPA for writers, a few years ago through a mutual friend. In that time, I’ve gone freelance and he launched his own accounting company to help writers, freelancers, and small business owners.

Chris Morris CPA for writersChris related that he specializes in helping the creative entrepreneurs, regardless of whether the business started yesterday or two decades ago. Over 75% of his clients are entrepreneurs. He helps painters, graphic designers, wedding photographers, editors, authors, and even the neighborhood swimming pool guy. He knows your business is too complex to trust it to a tax preparation service that you might find in the grocery store, especially when you need a lot more than just tax work. And one day soon, he will publish both of his manuscripts and start fleshing out the crazy fiction idea he cannot shake from his memory.

If I wasn’t married to a CPA (who fortunately offers me no-fee advice), I’d certainly be going to Chris for all of my tax and accounting needs. He was very gracious with his advice in this interview, which speaks to the facts that he knows what he’s talking about and that he’s generous with his expertise. (more…)

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Author Brad Whittington Talks Self-Publishing, Writing, and The Reluctant Saint

Brad Whittington I’ve known Brad Whittington since his son and I were in the high school drumline together. As good friends with his son, I became fast friends with the family—all spectacular people in their own right. But life happened. The Whittingtons moved away, and I eventually went to college.

Still, I kept in touch, especially after Brad’s first book, Welcome to Fred, was picked up by a traditional publisher in 2003. The book is an hilarious, semi-autobiographical, fish out of water, adolescent preacher kid coming-of-age novel set in East Texas. (258 Amazon reviews averaging 4.5 stars can’t be wrong.) The setup was so ripe with fascinating characters and plot possibilities that he wrote two follow-ups, Living with Fred and Escape from Fred.

In time, Brad got the rights to those books back, and he re-published them under his own imprint, Wunderfool Books, beginning in 2010. Since then, he’s released at least one new self-published book every year. So, as he’s just released his ninth novel, The Reluctant Saint, I thought it prime time to ask him a few questions about self-publishing, the new book, and his writing influences. (more…)

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Cartoonist Wes Molebash Talks Writing, Productivity, Inspiration, and What’s Next for MOLEBASHED

On March 29th, Wes Molebash began his first Kickstarter project to fund print and digital editions of the first season of his autobiographical, family-based comic strip, MOLEBASHED. I’m interviewing him today for three reasons:

  1. I’ve (digitally) known Wes since he created the fantastic chapter title page illustrations for my first book, The Gospel According to Breaking Bad.
  2. MOLEBASHED centers on Wes’s new dadness. As a new dad myself, some of the comic strips, like the one included below, would almost be verbatim what happened to me on that particular day. They were eerily accurate in many instances.
  3. Supporting creatives is what creatives ought to do.


Other favorites include Advice for Soon-to-be-Dads, Welcome Home, Parker, We’re Never Gonna Sleep, and 3 Things That Will Occur During Your Baby’s First Week Home. (more…)

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