A Professional Update and 3 Humble Requests

Today marks a strange new beginning for me: full-time freelancing as an editor and writer.
I expect to be befuddled by challenges in the next few months, but at half a day into this new job change, everything seems to be going well.[ref]That feels like a dangerous thing to declare publicly.[/ref] On a promising note, I have enough work for the next few weeks to keep me more than busy. When I first considered going full-time freelance, I assumed I’d have at least 20 hours a week to work on my own projects, whether that’s another book or more blog posts, but I don’t, which is equal parts blessing and curse.
Writing more books (with my own name on the cover) is part of the plan, and one of the reasons I wanted to go full-time freelance was to focus more on such personal projects. Plus, I was weary of getting up at 5:30am every morning and essentially working two jobs, spending 10-12 hours in front of a computer most days.
Between working on freelance projects, I plan to publish more blog posts like the one you’re reading,[ref]as inspired by Austin Kleon’s fantastic Show Your Work![/ref] but another book is on the back burner for now—which is fine, because I have no idea what another book will look like.
As you can likely surmise, freelancing requires networking, and that’s where you can help me today. In return, you’ll have my great respect for your digital generosity, a follow on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, and maybe even a discount on editing and writing work.
But ask not, receive not, so I’m asking:

3 Humble Requests

1. Endorse me on LinkedIn for editing, writing, and ghostwriting.
LinkedInIf the endorsement box doesn’t automatically appear at the top of my profile page, click the down arrow next to the blue “Send a message” button to the left of my profile photo and choose “Endorse.” The box will appear at the top of your screen. Delete all of the pre-populated skills and type in editing, writing, ghostwriting.
If there are particular skills that you’d like me to recommend for you, leave a comment on this post with that information.
efm-logo-small2. Direct people you know who are looking for an editor or writer to EditFor.me.
If you’re really wanting to help, copy the EditFor.me ad in the sidebar of any page of my blog and place it on your own website or email newsletter. Additionally, follow @Editforme on Twitter for helpful posts every day about writing and publishing.
3. Subscribe to my weekly writers’ email newsletter and receive 10% off your first project with EditFor.me.
Soon, I’ll be separating my email newsletters. Writers Synonymous, the goofy name I gave to my weekly email newsletter for writers, will still be sent out once a week featuring the top 10 posts I read that week about the writing life. However, that email newsletter will be part of EditFor.me. To subscribe, click here and choose “Weekly Email Newsletter.”
My personal email newsletter will be sent out once a month and feature more personal information, like what I’ve been working on and recent blog posts. It will be much less writerly focused and allow me to write on other topics that may be of interest to those who’ve read my book.
That’s all for now. My boss is yelling at me to get back to work.