Announcing "The Self-Publisher's Checklist: 33 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Self-Publishing"

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SP-Checklist-Cover-SmallThe Self-Publisher’s Checklist: 33 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Self-Publishing is a short, fillable PDF I wish I would have had before writing The Gospel According to Breaking Bad.
While it’s not wholly comprehensive, [ref]Maybe the second edition will be 101 questions, because there are an almost innumerable amount of questions you should probably ask yourself before self-publishing.[/ref] The Self-Publisher’s Checklist offers just enough so that you can have a substantial—though not overwhelming—conversation with yourself about self-publishing.

The Self-Publisher’s Checklist covers a number of broad topics, like

  • big, soul-searching questions as to why you’re writing this book,
  • questions related to your ideal (and not so ideal) audience,
  • idea-generating questions about your title, chapters, and cover,
  • practical questions regarding your budget,
  • and multiple questions to help you think through launch day and marketing.

You can either print it out and fill it in, or just type your answers in the areas provided within the PDF.
It’s my hope that this document can help you start that book that’s been on your mind for years. If you do wind up using it to start a book, let me know, as I’d like to start a page listing all of the books that came into existence as a result of The Self-Publisher’s Checklist. If you think there are questions that should be added, leave a comment on this post or contact me here.