Apolo-WHAT?: Christian Apologetics for the Garden-Variety Pewsitter

Apolo-WHAT?: Christian Apologetics for the Garden-Variety Pewsitter
Genres: Apologetics, Christian
Tags: Client Work, Copyediting, Formatting, Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: B01944K6MO
ISBN: 9780692591642

Is Christianity true?

As an active member of his church, Adam Neubauer noticed a glaring weakness among the typical congregant (pewsitter): an unfamiliarity with the topic of Christian apologetics.

When Adam would ask a fellow Christian about apologetics, he received the response: "Apolo-WHAT?"

Seeking to bridge this gulf in knowledge, Adam wrote a series of articles in his church's monthly newsletter which has been reworked into Apolo-What?.

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