Breaking Bad News: Aaron Paul Gets Biblical in Ridley Scott's 'Exodus'

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Though Christianity and Breaking Bad may seem worlds apart, The Gospel According to Breaking Bad argues otherwise. It would appear that there are some other connections as well, as today’s news attests.

1. Aaron Paul: Beyond Breaking Bad in Details Magazine

This is a good interview with Paul, providing a little background on where he came from and what he’s currently filming. Most intriguing to me is that his dad was (is?) a Southern Baptist preacher, though he’s only mentioned once in passing.
Additionally, Aaron Paul is filming Ridley Scott’s sure-to-be epic biblical film, Exodus. Paul will play Moses’ apprentice Joshua. Batman, er, Christian Bale will lead as Moses.
The interview is a must-read to see what Paul recommended to Vince Gilligan as to how Jesse’s final moments on the show should have played out.

2. Ed Ditto Re-Creates Walter White’s Rotating M60 Machine Gun with Only 20 Legos

I know Ed from his imminently practical ebook on ebook formatting that helped me get my book published. I was delighted to see a recent post of his wherein he re-created Walter’s magic M60 machine gun from the finale … out of just 20 legos. It’s fantastic.

3. Breaking Bad Wins SAG Awards for Best TV Ensemble and Best Male Actor in a Drama Series

I wonder if Gilligan, Cranston, and company get tired of the accolades. “Thanks. We know. It was an awesome show.”

4. Hellion Starring Aaron Paul Debuts at Sundance Film Festival

Paul plays an alcoholic Texas father struggling to raise his teenage sons by himself following his wife’s death. The role sounds like a definite departure from Jesse Pinkman, but stays within the vein of characters who, as Paul said, “are somehow affected.”

5. Bryan Cranston Stars in 13-Minute Short Film, ‘Writer’s Block’

Click the link above to learn why Cranston filmed this short film in 2013, or just sit back and watch. Be warned, the language takes after Scorsese and the short is a little disturbing.