Breaking Bad News: Breaking the Facts of Life … and Other Empire Business

Works of art with depth, vitality, and a well-told narrative often become translated into different mediums over time.
Today’s Breaking Bad news roundup reveals what most of us know already. Breaking Bad is a work of art.
From college courses to symphonies (yes, you read that correctly) to T-shirts and spoofs, Breaking Bad somehow managed to be a cultural touchstone for 2013. Consequently, its story will continue to live on in a number of mediums far outside its beginning as an episodic film narrative.
For example:

5. Breaking Bad Class to Begin at Buffalo University

Six of the seven graduate-level seats in the “Breaking Down Breaking Bad” course are taken.[ref]Will they take a remote student?[/ref] They’ll discuss Breaking Bad‘s epic narrative. Bruce Jackson, the class’s professor, said, “Breaking Bad goes into narrative and human and social complexity as no TV program has before.”
I agree. Maybe they could use a course textbook?

4. A Breaking Bad Opera?

Yep. Sung Jon Hong with the One World Symphony explored the show’s themes in an operatic performance called Ozymandias on January 26 and 27, 2014. Said the composer,

“In my composition, consisting of five movements, I would like to explore the question: are we all breaking bad? Are we, to some extent, guilty of the Greek themes of hubris (extreme pride) in the pursuit of arete (excellence) and kleos (glory)?”

If opera isn’t your thing, you can explore those questions in a particular book.
Also, I don’t know what this means, but I want to hear it:

“Heisenberg Chord: embellished polychord representing the motif of Walt’s warning: ‘I am the danger.'”

3. Baking Bread

Something about this t-shirt’s design terrifies me. Maybe it’s the innocence of the cartoon drawings compared to the guilt of watching what transpired on the show.

2. Jonathan Banks, a.k.a. Mike Ehrmantraut, to be a Series Regular on Better Call Saul

This is good news, though I hope it doesn’t interfere with Jonathan Banks’s turns on Community. Also—spoiler alert—they’re essentially resurrecting Mike Ehrmantraut, which is kind of cool, even though the guy did some absolutely heinous acts in his tenure as Saul Goodman’s clean-up guy. One has to wonder how hard-edged a younger Mike will be in Better Call Saul.
I’m betting … just as hard-edged.

1. Breaking the Facts of Life

Two things: This shows you how very much editing and music choices matter. Also, all dramatic shows should eventually have an 80s opening treatment done to them.