Breaking Bad News: Godzilla vs. Heisenberg, Los Pollos Cocinero, and the Music of Breaking Bad

Let’s see what’s new in the world of Breaking Bad this week:

Bryan Cranston to Star in (Yet Another) Godzilla Remake

An immoveable object meets an unstoppable force? This line in the trailer below—“It was not an earthquake, it wasn’t a typhoon … and it is going to send us back to the Stone Age. You have no idea what’s coming.”—could almost have been said by Walter White. Almost.
Cranston does play a scientist in this film, so let’s hope he’s not being typecast now.
On that same note, here’s Godzilla vs. Heisenberg. The last shot is the best:

A Fascinating Breaking Bad Factoid

I’m going to assume it’s true.

HT: @JeffSutton

Man Wearing Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt Caught for Cooking Meth

Truth is always stranger than fiction, unless the truth was inspired by the fiction. Since the man that was busted was only 21-years-old, you’d have to think that the cops should expand their search to find his mentor. I’d recommend scouring the local high schools for a chem teacher down on his luck. TMZ broke the story.

How “Breaking Bad” and “House of Cards” killed the Oscars

Despite its title, this excerpt from The $11 Billion Year: From Sundance to the Oscars, an Inside Look at the Changing Hollywood System only makes a few passing references to Breaking Bad. However, it relates what so many already know. Engaging, episodic TV (that’s also provided via binge-capable mediums) has been telling better stories than film lately. Many call the last decade the Golden Age of Television, and this excerpt agrees, stating that talent and creative energy have been migrating from Hollywood to the small screen for a while now, in large part due to HBO and Netflix.
As I read recently (and know implicitly) in regards to my self-publishing posts, digital changes everything. As the author of the afore-mentioned book succinctly says regarding that fact: “Adapt or die.”

Breaking Bad’s 10 Best Musical Moments

The music of Breaking Bad always fascinated me. Every song seemed perfectly matched to the story, even when the song seemed to say the reverse of what was happening on screen. “By juxtaposing lighthearted music with the dark realities of the drug world, Breaking Bad comes off as something very different.” This trek through Breaking Bad’s musical choices, replete with Youtube videos of each moment, is a fun remembrance of the songs that caused us all to burrow further down the rabbit hole of Walter White’s broken psyche.

What was your favorite musical moment in Breaking Bad?

Might I also recommend this well-curated Breaking Bad Spotify playlist?