Breaking Bad News: Ground Control to Walter Blanco, Take a Facebook Look Back

5. David Costabile, a.k.a. Gale Boetticher, talks Breaking Bad and new movie Somewhere Slow

While the interview itself is fairly interesting, I found his reveal about singing “Major Tom” for that never-to-be-forgotten karaoke scene in Breaking Bad to be, well, revealing:

The burn of ‘Major Tom’ was that the entire crew watched me do it. Everybody standing around — there must have been 50 people watching me. They all just stopped what they were doing to watch. It was just this single shot, with a single, crappy camera in front of a green screen. So everybody got to take a nice 20-minute break and just watch me go for it. There was a challenge inside of that.

In case you’ve forgotten the awesomeness:

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4. The Breaking Bad Lego Set

If you have $500 and an ability to travel back in time to when this custom-built megalab wasn’t sold out, it could be yours.

3. Aaron Paul talks Need for Speed — and Price is Right — on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning

In addition to talking about his new movie, they make Paul relive his former glory day as a Price is Right contestant:
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2. Meet Walter Blanco: Behind the Scenes of the Spanish Breaking Bad, Metástasis

Diego Trujillo in Metastasis

Making its debut later this year, Metástasis is the Spanish remake of the show we know so well. Skyler becomes Cielo, Jesse becomes Jose Miguel Rosas, Hank becomes Henry, Saul Goodman becomes Saul Bueno and Walter White, of course, becomes Walter Blanco. The RV becomes a school bus (a more fitting vehicle in my opinion). The gist of the article is that many Latinos felt somewhat offended that a remake was even being considered, fearful that low production values would create an inferior version. However, great pains are being taken to elevate the Spanish version above typical fare when it comes to American remakes, like having a higher budget and hiring more notable actors for instance.
Additionally, the show’s moral complexity may have difficulties translating to the world of the telenovela. Walter Blanco himself, Diego Trujillo, admitted as much:

‘I was used to working on soap operas, where the characters are so two-dimensional—black or white, good or bad. And they stay the same from beginning to end of a series,’ Trujillo said. ‘But Walter White transforms.’ ‘For the first time,’ he added, ‘I had no idea how to play the part.’

This moral complexity is one of the reasons I wrote The Gospel According to Breaking Bad.

1. Walter White’s Facebook ‘Look Back’ Video

Your friends’ Facebook “Look Back” videos inundated your feed over the last few weeks. Who knew that Mr. White was on the social network? It’s been a long, strange trip for Heisenberg.
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And, while not Breaking Bad-related, Tripp and Tyler’s take on the “Look Back” video, “An Honest Facebook Movie,” is worth a watch:
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