Breaking Bad News: It's a Hard Rock Life

5. Breaking Bad Breaking Albuquerque?

“An entire industry has arisen locally around ‘Breaking Bad.’ Months after the show’s final cut, Albuquerque remains enthralled with the crime drama, even as critics complain about ‘Breaking Bad’-themed hats, shirts, tours and cocktails.”

And, more sobering:

“In 2008, when the series began, one-third of all criminal cases in Bernalillo County were connected to meth use, sales or related crimes. Today, ‘Breaking Bad’ tours pass county drug detox centers filled with addicts. ‘Meth use among the young hasn’t dropped,’ said Katrina Hotrum, director of the Bernalillo County Department of Substance Abuse Programs. ‘We’re going to be seeing this drug here for a very long time.’ All the publicity from the show hasn’t meant more drug-treatment funds for her department, she said.”
John M. Glionna, ‘Breaking Bad’ still cooking in Albuquerque

4. Breaking Bad Acapella Opening

I’m not so sure I’m feeling this one.

3. Guess who Gordon Ramsey’s favorite cook is?

Well, it should be an easy answer given the post you’re reading.
Ramsey recently said that Walter White is his favorite cook, which begs the question: who’s more evil?

2. Breaking Bad Lego Minifigs

Because the world can’t get enough Lego right now.

1. Chamillionaire’s “Watching Breaking Bad”

“Seeing the parallel between himself and the driving theme behind everyone’s favorite AMC series, Cham intertwines his real life and Heisenberg’s fictional tale, delivering a five-minute audible episode that caries high anxiety and reminds us why Koopa has had one of the nicest notepads in Hip-Hop for some time now.”
Smoking Section

My favorite lyrics:

“You must think that you’re Walter White, well my rocks looking awful bright
And my pistol’s named Jessie Pinkman cause he’ll be my dog for life.”


“You keep on asking where I was at (So just tell me)
But ain’t no need to ask me where I was at cause I was home
watching Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad.”

It’s a long song, so here are all the lyrics.