Breaking Bad News: Need for Speed, Netflix, and … Bill Murray

5. Did you see the Super Bowl commercial that almost got your hopes up that Breaking Bad had never ended?

You know, the trailer that starts with Aaron Paul behind the wheel of a car as if he’s trying to escape someone?
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I’m going to choose to believe that Paul is still actually Jesse Pinkman in Need for Speed.

4. The Final Season of Breaking Bad Is Coming to Netflix February 24

Much to the delight of the thousands who’ve had to retreat into digital seclusion or shut their ears at the mere mention of the words “Breaking Bad” or “Walter White” so as to not have the last episodes spoiled, Netflix will finally post the final eight-episode season online on February 24.
Then again, who are we kidding? Everyone who binge-watched Breaking Bad has already seen the last season, whether through a friend or by way of more, ahem, illegitimate means.

3. Breaking Bad Wins Writers Guild Awards (Again)

The critical phenomenon picked up a couple of more trophies at the WGAs on Saturday, February 1, 2014. The show won Best Drama Series and writer Gennifer Hutchison won (rightfully) in the Episodic Drama category for the fifth season episode “Confessions.” (Don’t remember what happened in “Confessions?” Read my 10 Moments You Might Have Missed in Breaking Bad’s Confessions.)
Coincidentally enough, Hutchison was up against fellow Breaking Bad writers Thomas Schnauz and Peter Gould, for their last season episodes “Buried” and “Granite State,” respectively.
While we’re on the subject of awards, did you know that Breaking Bad has won 87 awards out of 230 nominations?

2. Bill Murray, Aaron Paul, and Rob Thomas met at a Kings of Leon Concert

It’s not really news, but come on … Bill Murray? It’d be interesting to know what they talked about. Did anyone call anyone else a b****?
I bet Rob Thomas did.

1. Breaking Bad as a Little Golden Book

What kind of evil genius thought this up? Artist Maxime Mary has published a number of these amazing, retro works of Breaking Bad pop art.
chemistry lesson
I’d definitely buy the book, but I most definitely wouldn’t read it to my (future) kids.
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