Breaking Bad News: Relive the Epic Last Season

First, we start with the Breaking Bad news heard round the Internets yesterday:

Netflix releases the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad

… and hundreds across the land suddenly took a “sick” day off work.
Might I suggest 80 Moments You Might Have Missed in the Last Season of Breaking Bad as apt reading material for when you finish watching, or re-watching, the last eight episodes?
Once you’ve finished every episode, take a look at these:

62 simple yet impressive Breaking Bad posters, one for each and every episode, created by Zsolt Molnár

Looking at these makes me realize (again) how visceral the show is, where one simple image can evoke so much about an episode. There are so many more I’d like to post, but if you’re a fan, just go visit the site.
Speaking of saying goodbye …

Aaron Paul talks about the grieving process over Breaking Bad

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In other words, Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul sounds like he’s doing just fine. I find it fascinating that he started shooting Need for Speed the day after wrapping Breaking Bad. It really is as if [SPOILER ALERT] Jesse just kept driving after the finale.
In another moment that only the Internet could provide …

Betsy Brandt takes part in an epic celebrity wedding congratulation video

Scrub to about five minutes in if you’d like to see her part. A guy in Britain tweeted a ton of celebrities to wish him and his surprised bride a happy marriage. While there are many in this video I don’t recognize since they’re famous beyond the great pond that divides the U.S. from Great Britain, it’s an impressive example of what can happen in this day and age if you just ask.
And last but not least

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