Breaking Bad News: Will the Real Saul Goodman Please Stand Up?

In this week’s Breaking Bad news roundup, we talk Better Call Saul, possibly meet a real-life Saul Goodman with an over-the-top commercial, wonder what Giancarlo Esposito’s life would have been like had he actually turned down a defining role, hear that Bryan Cranston’s doing OK for himself as LBJ on Broadway, and see Breaking Bad as retold by middle schoolers, whom I’m hoping haven’t actually seen the show.

‘Breaking Bad’ star Jonathan Banks talks ‘Better Call Saul,’ answers fans’ questions in Daily News live chat

‘My guess is that Saul will be the lighter side as far as humor goes, and the dark side would be Mike. And I look forward to that. I love the mystery of Mike,’ Banks told one reader. ‘I love that he can be tender, when the reality was that he was a murderous, drug-dealing bad guy. Unlike some of the other characters, he knew that. He knew his soul was lost.’

Speaking of Saul …

Meet the Real Saul Goodman

So that the circle may be unbroken, it was Saul’s fault that Walt and Jesse ever got involved with Gus, who apparently could have been played by someone else …

Giancarlo Esposito Turned Down Breaking Bad Role

Esposito has now revealed he initially declined the role when he was offered it by creator Vince Gilligan, as he feared his character would be killed off too quickly. He says, ‘I didn’t know the show at the time. I asked to see an episode and was really impressed with the quality and the writing. At that point, I had done so many guest spots in my life I wanted to be part of a family. I wasn’t in the market for another guest spot.'”

Bryan Cranston Goes ‘All The Way’ From ‘Breaking Bad’ to LBJ

All The Way by Robert Schenkkan opened to glowing reviews on Thursday night at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City. This play is [Bryan Cranston’s] Broadway debut and it was met by Tony buzz right out of the gate.”

Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical

This isn’t new and made the rounds online months and months back, but I don’t think I’ve posted it before. It’s equally creative and terrifying because it’s kids recreating a thoroughly adult-themed show.

RVs in the desert, Walter White’s house and (legal) highs: New Mexico set-jetting holiday inspired by Breaking Bad

Holidaymakers will be able to enjoy a seven-night desert adventure in New Mexico, following in the footsteps of Walter White – the main character in the show. The trip includes touring the quirky city of Albuquerque and venturing out into the expanse of the New Mexico desert in an authentic RV, the iconic location where ‘the cooking’ took place.”

The trip costs nearly $5,000 and includes airfare from London, the vacation’s origination point. If you might have trouble coming up with that kind of cash, Saul can probably help you rustle up some last-minute money.

If the ending of Breaking Bad really hacked you off

You can take out your aggressions on this strange piece of Breaking Bad paraphernalia, a Heisenberg ball marker:

heisenberg ball marker