Cartoonist Wes Molebash Talks Writing, Productivity, Inspiration, and What's Next for MOLEBASHED

On March 29th, Wes Molebash began his first Kickstarter project to fund print and digital editions of the first season of his autobiographical, family-based comic strip, MOLEBASHED. I’m interviewing him today for three reasons:

  1. I’ve (digitally) known Wes since he created the fantastic chapter title page illustrations for my first book, The Gospel According to Breaking Bad.
  2. MOLEBASHED centers on Wes’s new dadness. As a new dad myself, some of the comic strips, like the one included below, would almost be verbatim what happened to me on that particular day. They were eerily accurate in many instances.
  3. Supporting creatives is what creatives ought to do.


Other favorites include Advice for Soon-to-be-Dads, Welcome Home, Parker, We’re Never Gonna Sleep, and 3 Things That Will Occur During Your Baby’s First Week Home.

You can peruse every comic strip at, or even better, support the MOLEBASHED Kickstarter project today and get every comic strip in a handy digital or print edition.

Now, let’s hear from Wes:

1. Comic strips demand an economy of language. How do you ensure that you’re able to tell a full story in just four panels and a few sentences? In other words, what’s your writing and editing process?

I write really far in advance. Like, a whole year. Then I don’t look at the scripts until it’s time to draw them. In most cases, it’ll have been several months to a year since I wrote the joke, and now I’m looking at it with fresh eyes. I’m more critical and I can make some adjustments to make sure the gag is as funny as possible and not too wordy.

2. As a new dad myself, I’ve found it difficult to devote time to personal writing projects in this season of life. How have you set aside time to create MOLEBASHED while still being a dad, husband, and full-time employee at Centerpoint Church?

It’s difficult and it’s something that I constantly have to reevaluate and reprioritize. I like routine, but one of the things I’ve had to get used to is being flexible with my drawing time. Before Parker was born, I’d wake up early and draw comics for an hour or two before work. I no longer have that luxury most mornings, so I draw at night while I watch TV with my wife. I’m not as productive during this time of day, but the work is getting done and that’s all that matters to me right now. We have a second son due in May, so I’m bracing myself for another overhaul to my routine. Should get interesting!

3. What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever received?

“GET A LIFE!” Jef Mallett told that to me. He wasn’t insinuating that I had no life, but he wanted me to be more intentional about it. The best writing comes from life experiences, and the more you experience the deeper the well you have to draw from.

4. From whom do you draw inspiration for your writing and drawing?

My family inspires my writing. There’s a lot of comedy in the everyday minutia of marriage and child-rearing. 

Artistically, I’m inspired and influenced by guys like Michael Jantze, Doug Tennapel, and Bill Watterson.

5. What more do we have to look forward to regarding MOLEBASHED?

The first season of the strip will conclude on April 29th. I’ll take a few months off to prep season two and welcome my new son into the world. MOLEBASHED Season 2 will begin on Monday, August 1st!

If you need any more reasons to support what Wes is doing, watch his Kickstarter video below and be sure to pledge before April 28th to get MOLEBASHED Season 1.