About "Don't Fear the Reaper," My New Book on Editing

Don’t Fear the Reaper: Why Every Author Needs an Editor releases today.
For the next three days, it will be available for 99¢, so if you’re remotely interested in learning more about how an editor can help your book, I highly recommend purchasing it soon.
The book came about following a discussion with an online writing group of mine. They helped me to realize that this kind of book could be helpful to many authors who may be unsure about seeking out an editor’s help.
Personally, my favorite chapter is the last and longest one, “Unveiling Validation’s Hiding Place: How to Defeat Every Writer’s Nightmare.” I collected dozens of quotes from very well-known authors that ought to both challenge and inspire every author.
As for what the rest of the book holds, here’s the chapter breakdown:

  • Copyediting Essentials: What Is a Copyeditor and Why Exactly Do I Need One?
  • Your First Line of Defense: 10 Steps to Better Self-Editing
  • How to Make an Editor Love You: 10 Guidelines to Best Prep Your Book for Editing
  • How to Make an Editor Not Like You So Much: 7 Ways to Incite an Editor
  • Less than Ready: A Word of Warning about Undercooked Books
  • Unveiling Validation’s Hiding Place: How to Defeat Every Writer’s Nightmare
  • Afterword: 20 Must-Read Books on Writing and Publishing

An early version of the first chapter has already appeared online, and an earlier version of the second chapter will soon appear online as well, offering you ample opportunity to sample the book’s content.
I do plan to release a print version in the near future, but for now the book is only available for Kindle devices.

Guest Posts

Additionally, I’m fortunate to have a number of guest posts going up this week and over the next month. For instance, today I’m guest posting at Social Media Just For Writers, run by Frances Caballo, on How Hurry Kills Good Books, an adapted post from Chapter 5.

Share the Deal

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If you’re not a writer, consider directly sending this link (http://blke.co/dftrauthor) to your writer friends.


Feel free to leave a comment if you have any particular questions about this book. Honestly, I’m nervous about its release, but it’s the kind of book I wish I would have had prior to releasing my own book, so I’m hopeful that it can help others like me.