Get the Gospel According to Breaking Bad for Free Today!

The Gospel According to Breaking Bad CoverThough I hemmed and hawed about the idea for a number of reasons, I’m offering the Kindle edition of The Gospel According to Breaking Bad for free today.
If the cost was keeping you from purchasing it, get to Amazon and download The Gospel According to Breaking Bad posthaste.
For now, this is a one-day only event, so be sure to get your copy before midnight PST tonight.
You can also help me in two very particular ways:

1. Share the freebie

Share about the offer on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or wherever you most often find yourself online.
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2. Download, read, and review

Download the book, read it, and review it on Amazon, GoodReads, or your own website. Reviews on Amazon help drive sales. If you’re sending the book to a friend, consider asking them to leave an honest review as well.

A Slightly Strange Yet Awesome Way to Help

Even if you never plan to read the book or watch the series, consider downloading my book today as that will help in regards to rankings.
You can delete it after downloading it and I’ll never know. Or, you can read the last chapter (about the finale and replete with spoilers) and learn more about that show that you may never get around to watching.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased the book. I’ve been very encouraged by the book’s sales and hope that anyone who has read the book feels like they’ve received their money’s worth.
Lastly, I’m sure I’ll do a writeup in due time as to whether or not this free day was worth the cost. If you’d like to receive my posts in your inbox, join my email newsletter list and be sure to select “All Featured Blog Posts” under “Subscribe me to.”
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