Helping Addicts Through 'The Gospel According to Breaking Bad'

While I don’t expect to be swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck following the release of The Gospel According to Breaking Bad on August 11th,[ref]If that does happen, I’ll record an Instagram video.[/ref] I do expect to make at least a few dollars. From that, I’ll be donating 10% of any proceeds to the Oak Ridge Disciple House located in Florence, TX. A friend and former co-worker of mine runs the house, “a non-profit, faith-based, Christian character-building ministry geared towards reaching men who are broken from drug and alcohol addictions.”
Oak Ridge Disciple House
Breaking Bad doesn’t shy away from depicting the devastating effects of meth addiction. That particular drug was chosen because of Walt’s chemical skills, but Vince Gilligan also chose it because it’s “just a nasty, terrible drug that destroys people and whole communities.” In the book, I posit that the drug and Walter White share much in common.

After watching National Geographic’s made-for-TV documentary, World’s Most Dangerous Drug, I became even more aware of the drug’s prevalence and its shockingly awesome power to enslave its victims. Stuck in a vicious pleasure-seeking cycle, addicts will eventually do anything in order to get their next hit. Unless meth addicts come to terms with their own issues and start to see a clear picture of themselves, they will seldom if ever be able to find the help they need. Places like Oak Ridge Disciple House can help people in such dire straits.
Lastly, I’ve heard first-hand stories from a guy who suffered through meth addiction and was freed from it by meeting Christ. His story is included in the book, an incredible yet wholly believable testimony, because God constantly does incredible work.
Even if you don’t purchase my book, consider donating to Oak Ridge Disciple House or a similar program in your area that helps men and women seek freedom from drug addiction. At the very least, consider praying for them. They are in need of as much grace as all the rest of us.