I Forgive You

For many, saying those three simple words is like pulling their own teeth without anesthesia, especially if the other person has wronged them in a deeply personal way. Granting true forgiveness seems even more impossible when that person was once a close friend.
But it can be done, and it ought to be done.
Stuck: When You Want to Forgive But Don't Know How by Mark RigginsThe rewards of learning how to forgive outweigh the risks. Relationships that seemed broken can be mended, though the process isn’t fast or easy. In fact, the process may ebb and flow for years, with seemingly little process being made for some time. But if both parties agree to at least try to restore the relationship, forgiveness can bring unexpected rewards.
That’s why Pastor Mark Riggins’ Stuck: When You Want to Forgive But Don’t Know How is such an important book. It’s not long, but what he shares is useful for a lifetime. He gets transparent and vulnerable with his own story of needing to forgive a pastor for whom he once worked. Even more fascinating, Mark includes correspondence between himself and this other pastor as they both worked to reconcile their relationship.
Stuck also offers step-by-step suggestions on how to work through your need to forgive someone else. These tips are helpful, especially for those who may be so blinded by anger, frustration, or confusion that they can’t even fathom granting one iota of forgiveness to that person. Through Pastor Riggins’ own story, as well as other real-world stories of forgiveness he shares, any reader is sure to be inspired to take that first step toward forgiveness, however small it may be.

As you can tell from the cover, I’m a co-author on this book, but I only co-author books that deliver messages I believe in. I wholeheartedly back what Mark delivers in Stuck. If you or someone you know is stuck in unforgiveness, start the journey to get unstuck today.