Read Readerly to Read More About Reading … and Me

Today, I’m thrilled to be featured on my friend’s newest website, Readerly.
More than just a site for book lovers, Readerly “is a place to become a better reader—of books, people, pictures, and more.” The layout and design of the site is stellar, and it doesn’t hurt that my friend is an accomplished writer and photographer. Readerly was born just shy of a month ago, and I’m excited to see what it will become. I encourage you to add her site to your list of daily must-reads.
As for the featured interview at Readerly today with yours truly, I share about:

  • the time Walter White pointed a gun at me,
  • if it was risky to release my book prior to Breaking Bad‘s last eight episodes,
  • why a Christian take on Breaking Bad isn’t as incongruous as it first appears,
  • why I self-published (answering her question was the genesis for my recent post, 5 Reasons I Self Published),
  • three books that changed my life,
  • and what’s next for me, literarily speaking.

After reading my interview at Readerly, consider leaving a comment there with any questions my answers may have provoked.
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