Rocking The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

RSP-logo-3-300x183When I finally decided to self-publish my book in 2013, I searched far and wide for resources that could help me do just that.[ref]Here’s a great list of writing resources that have also helped.[/ref] Simon Whistler’s Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast was one of the first podcasts I began listening to on a consistent basis.
Every week, he interviews someone intimately involved with self-publishing. Pick any podcast from his archives and I’m sure you’ll learn something new and helpful. One of the great things about being an indie author is the community of writers that want to help other writers, and Simon’s show is weekly evidence of that fact.
For a day job, Simon’s a voiceover artist. Coupling his career with his passion for podcasting and self-publishing, he began writing Audiobooks for Indies earlier year—coincidentally at the same point in time when I had just used ACX to create my own professionally recorded audiobook of The Gospel According to Breaking Bad. When he asked for case studies, I gladly submitted by name. A few weeks later, we spoke for an hour via Skype, and now I’m glad to relate that my experience with ACX is included in Simon’s forthcoming release. His book also offers five other case studies for various kinds of audiobook recordings, as well as step-by-step instructions on how indie authors can get top-quality audiobooks created.
I share all of that for three reasons:

  1. All indie authors should be listening to The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast every week.
  2. All indie authors who want to turn their books into audiobooks need to get Audiobooks for Indies.
  3. I’m guest posting on today about the essentials of copyediting. Wonder how much it might cost, or why you need an editor? I answer those questions and many more. [ref]Between you and me, that guest post will likely be the opening chapter to an ebook I hope to have out in a month on how authors can work better with editors.[/ref]

So, subscribe to the podcast, buy his book (when it releases), then read (and share!) my guest post.