'The Gospel According to Breaking Bad' Featured on the StoryMen Podcast

I know pastor, blogger, and pop-culture connoisseur J.R. Forasteros from my work at FaithVillage, where he’s a consistently insightful contributor on a wide variety of topics.
In addition to creating a large amount of written content for his blog and composing sermons for his church on a weekly basis, he’s also the co-host of a podcast called StoryMen.[ref]I have no idea how J.R. gets more hours in the day than the rest of us. Seriously. It’s impressive how much culture he consumes and how much content he creates[/ref] Along with Matt Mikalatos and Clay Morgan, their podcast discusses faith and pop culture on a weekly basis. If you’re at all interested in the fascinating though oftentimes complex intersection of faith and culture, you would do well to subscribe to their podcast or like them on Facebook. They consistently have great discussions and interesting guests on their show.
StoryMen Podcast Interview with Blake Atwood
Unfortunately, that streak has now ended as J.R. invited me on to talk Breaking Bad and my book.

We made the 38-minute interview a little more bearable by offering another giveaway of my book, so head on over to the StoryMen website to enter the contest and listen to or watch my first official on-air interview, Extra: The Gospel According to Breaking Bad with Blake Atwood.[ref]While you can’t see it in the video, I was in fact wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos T-shirt.[/ref] If you’re pressed for time, here’s what we talked about along with their respective minute markers:
2:00 – Blake Atwood and The Gospel According to Breaking Bad
6:00 – Is Breaking Bad an anti-morality play?
14:00 – When did Walt Break Bad?
18:30 – Can Walter White be Redeemed?
24:00 – Hating Skyler White: Breaking Bad and Gender
33:00 – Choosing to Self-Publish
37:00 – GIVEAWAY: How will Breaking Bad end?
Thanks much to J.R. for the opportunity to talk about my book, and whose interview expertise, vast show knowledge, and easy-going demeanor made me seem like I knew what I was talking about.