TODAY ONLY: 99¢ for 'The Gospel According to Breaking Bad' Ebook

If you came here looking for “10 Moments You Might Have Missed in Breaking Bad‘s ‘Felina,’ the last of my ongoing series that searches out some trivial (and not-so-trivial) moments from the last half of the last season of Breaking Bad, well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.[ref]I should also add: thanks for coming back to the site to read the series![/ref]
In order to do these posts, I’ve been arduously taking notes during each episode, trying to transcribe the show’s dialogue as best I can while the show airs. As you might surmise, this results in a bit too much analyzation during the show and not enough enjoyment[ref]that’s probably not the right word to use for what happens when you watch Breaking Bad.[/ref] of the epic narrative that’s been unfurled for us over the last six years. That said, I shucked my notes last night to, like you, witness the grand finale.[ref]or should I say Felina?[/ref]

However, to sate your appetite for Breaking Bad trivia, my ebook, The Gospel According to Breaking Bad, is on sale today for 99 cents.

That’s $0.99. That’s incredibly cheap and this will be the ONLY SALE of the book. After today, the price goes back to $2.99. I’ll be updating the book in a month or so with a new chapter that takes the final half season into consideration. I’ll also be releasing a print edition with a late November release date.[ref]I hope.[/ref]
So, pick up a copy of my ebook or gift it to a fan of the show today.
Otherwise, what did you think of the ending?