What Do You Want to Know About Working with an Editor?

By the end of this month, I’m aiming to have the first draft of a short ebook done that offers practical advice on how writers can work better with copyeditors. It’s mostly targeted toward first-time indie authors who might be wary about paying good money to have their books edited.

Last year, prior to the release of my own indie-published book The Gospel According to Breaking Bad, I was that kind of writer: fearful to release my words to the public, hesitant to hire an editor, and utterly convinced that if I did hire an editor, my book sales would never recoup my investment.

Now, after having been edited and reading as much as I can about the state of both self-publishing and traditional publishing, I’m an ardent proponent of always having your book professionally edited.

Of course, as a freelance editor I’m much more biased than I used to be, but even if part of my livelihood didn’t rely on copyediting, I would still encourage every writer connection of mine to seek a qualified and competent copyeditor to work on their book before sending it out into the world.

In my forthcoming ebook, I go into much more detail about why all writers should seek copyediting. In fact, next week (should the scheduling remain the same), the first chapter of the book will go live as a guest post on Simon Whistler’s Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast website. In that chapter I cover the basics of copyediting, like when an author should hire an editor, how much it might cost, and how the process tends to work.

Until then, what questions do you have about working with a copyeditor?

I want to ensure that my book covers a majority of the questions writers might want to know, so ask away.