What We Talk About When We Talk About Mom

The day before Mother’s Day, I posed this query through my monthly email newsletter and by way of my various social media channels:

Describe the best qualities of your mother in three words.

CC Image (Adapted) • quintad on Flickr

The response was rather overwhelming, and many people waxed eloquent about their literal reason for existence. At our last meeting, my homegroup also chimed in, and I surreptitiously transcribed their answers. Here, in total, are all the words that describe “Mom.” Bold and red means the term was used multiple times.

Intelligent. Spiritual. Beautiful. Loving. Ambitious. Amazing. Generous. Sincere. Curious. Tough. Tougher. Toughest. Kind. Honest. Understanding. Gracious. Wise. Gentle. Unfiltered. Thoughtful. Supportive. Listener. Faithful. Unstoppable. Cool. Level-headed. Logical. Resilient. Exuberant. Devoted. Unwavering. Motivated. Compassionate. Forgiving. Selfless. Busy. Gardener. Talkative. Green-thumby. Complicated. Lonely. Loyal. Jolly. Hospitable. Tender-hearted. Thoughtful. Godly. Serving. Sacrificial. Strong. Emotional. Affectionate. Grateful. Outgoing.
The two most-used words to describe mom were loving and selfless.
As one who grew up with a single, working mother, I can attest to these qualities in her, as well as many of the mothers I know. In my book, those two words are synonymous. You can’t have one without the other.
Though Mother’s Day has already passed, take a moment to consider how you’d describe your mother in three words. Feel free to leave a comment with your answers. Then, thank her somehow for portraying those characteristics. Though we all realize the humanity of our moms—they’re not perfect—we can honor them for the hundreds of often unnoticed ways they’ve built into our lives. Saying “thanks” to your mom should occur more than once a year and will be worth far more than a vase of flowers.
But always, always, always get her flowers.