Win a Copy of 'The Gospel According to Breaking Bad'

TGATBB-BookCover5Going into this project, I had few expectations regarding what would happen once the book was finally for sale.
I wrote The Gospel According to Breaking Bad because the subject matter interested me and I thought a few other people might enjoy the ride too. I thought some of the proceeds might be able to help guys in need of help. I never thought that I’d be quoted in the Washington Post or the Huffington Post. That’s the kind of marketing an author can only dream of, and I’m indebted to Cathleen Falsani Possley for her gracious article that’s now been syndicated around the web.
Since this is my first book, I’m still learning the ropes when it comes to marketing your own work. Unfortunately, part of that game involves seemingly constant social media updates. To those that follow me on Facebook or Twitter, thank you for enduring every last veiled “BUY MY BOOK” update. I promise it will lessen after a month. The show itself only has six remaining episodes.
On the other hand, I’m often game to try out new ideas. To that end, today marks the beginning of a week-long giveaway via Rafflecopter for a free Kindle edition of my book plus a free physical edition once it’s released.

As you’ll see in the widget below, you can enter the contest by completing certain tasks, like signing up for my email list. If you’ve already done the task, you can still enter. You’re on the honor code with this, so I’m going to have to trust you when you say that you already follow me on Twitter, for example. If you’d like to place this widget on your own website, you can do so by using this link to get the embed code.
Note: you do not have to complete every task to enter. For example, if you only “like” me on Facebook, you’ll receive three entries into the contest. By completing more tasks, you’ll receive more entries.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading, and, of course, feel free to share this giveaway with everyone in your social networks. If you don’t, Heisenberg will find you.